FAQ’s – Tripsee


What is not included in the price?

• Food as mentioned in the itinerary
• Alcohol as mentioned in the itinerary
• Any activities not listed on the tour page
• Travel visas
• Travel insurance
• Shopping
• Any transportation to personal excursions and/or activities not included in the tour.

What is included in the price?

• Fun, easy-going, friendly trip leaders
• Accommodations
• Transportation to and from each destination
• All of the activities listed on the tour’s page under experiences
• A welcome kit with everything you need to know about the trip

When should I book my tour?

We accept sign-ups for most tours right up until 5 days prior to departure or until we have reached capacity for the tour. With this being said, we do recommend signing-up at least 2 months prior to departure to ensure we have enough time to sort out your tour(especially if we are booking flights for you) and you have enough time to sort out necessities such as travel visas & vaccinations. Ultimately, if a tour date is listed on our website, that generally means we are still accepting sign-ups for it!

When do I pay my deposit?

As soon as you register for a tour, a 20% of tour price deposit is due to reserve your spot. If you are booking more than one tour at a time, or a combo tour, a 20% of tour price deposit is required for each tour. After you make your initial deposit, you will receive your TRIPSEE welcome email in your inbox and package in the mail shortly thereafter. Both the welcome email package contain the same, very important information regarding your upcoming tour;therefore, you don’t need to wait for your package to start gathering your necessities for the trip.

What is your general payment plan?

As soon as you register for a tour, a 20% of tour price deposit is due to reserve your spot. If you are booking more than one tour at
a time, or a combo tour, a 20% of tour price deposit is required for each tour. Your sign-up will not be processed without a deposit. Our General Payment Plan (in INR)*:

• 20% deposit due immediately during sign-up to secure your spot
• 70% of tour cost due 15 days prior to departure.
• Final remaining balance due 5 days prior to departure.

*This is our general payment plan, but can vary depending on tour. Your exact second & final payment amounts and due dates will be noted on your first invoice and welcome email.

How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, cheque, or payment gateway on the website.

Is my deposit refundable?
Unfortunately, your initial deposit is not refundable.

What if I have to cancel my tour?
All Tours
If a tour is cancelled more than 15 days prior to departure, all payments (except for your deposit) are refundable*. If a tour is cancelled from 5 days prior to the tour 40% of the tour cost is forfeited.

If a tour is cancelled less than 5 days prior to departure, 100% of the tour cost is forfeited. Cancelled Flights Policy for all Tours:

If you are cancelling any tour at any time after your flights have been booked by us, you will be subject to a flight cancellation fee that varies depending on the airline/agent, as well as an administrative fee from Tripsee of INR 1000.

*Please note that, if you have opted for ‘Pay in Parts’ option then the refund amount as calculated above will be in the form of
Tripsee Cash.

How do I meet my group?

We have a Facebook page available for all of our tours, but as far as in person, you’ll meet the group when you arrive on the tour. If we booked your flights, you’ll meet the guide and group at the airport. If you booked your own flights, you will meet the group when you arrive at our hotel. You’ll receive all the information you need two weeks prior to departure.

Please note that if you have purchased a land only tour, and have therefore booked your own flights/trains, that we do not offer transportation to and/or from the airport/railway station to the tour’s accommodations. If you would like us to schedule an airport/railway station pick-up, we can do so and simply add an additional fee* to your final invoice.

*Airport/Railway station pick-up fee varies depending on the tour.

Please inquire with us prior to booking to confirm the fee amount for your dream tour!

What if I am a solo traveller?

Welcome aboard! You will make new friends instantly and be roomed with someone of the same gender. If you want your own room, there will be an additional fee, which varies based on the tour; feel free to contact us prior to booking to confirm the
additional fee for private accommodations.

What is the average group size?

The group sizes vary drastically depending on the tour, but typically averages between 15-30 people on each tour.

Can I join a tour late or leave early?

Yes, you can join a tour late or leave early – the more the merrier! However, you will also be responsible for any additional transportation costs of joining a tour late or leaving early to get to your destination.

What to Bring –

What kind of luggage should I bring?
You are welcome to bring any kind of luggage you want that suits your needs. Please keep in mind that some of our accommodations may require a little walking to get to, so many of our travellers prefer backpacks for that reason.

How much spending money will I need?

Your daily required spending money will vary depending on the location of your tour, but we recommend INR 500 a day for our tours as the very minimum required each day for food and necessities*.

*Please note that these prices are based on minimums for your every day food and necessities; if you wish to partake in lots of extra, optional activities, do lots of shopping, or buy rounds of drinks for your new travel friends at the bar, that we recommend increasing your daily spending budget accordingly.

What will I need to pack?

Once you sign-up and send through your deposit, you will receive an information booklet highlighting everything that you would need for your tour. It is very important that you take a look at the packing list for your tour, and do your best not to overpack, as you

will want room in your backpack to bring things back home.

Others –

Is there an age limit to join one of your tours?

Our tours are designed for travellers between the ages of 18-30. I’m looking for more technical details, where can I find those?