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About Us

Our buddy Ibn said, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”, and hell, what is better? A sober story or a vulgar, you – have – to – cover – your – nephew’s – ears – while – you- tell- one? If you think the latter, than you are our man, or woman or gender fluid person! You’re a tripper!

Welcome to the club.
At tripsee, we don’t just take you on trips, we make you trip. “Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.” is our motto. You can literally point anywhere the map, even if it’s some country you can’t pronounce, we’ll make that trip happen and happening!

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” So, get your noses out of each other’s business, and check what we gotta offer!

We don’t disappoint 😉

You have a pinterest board named “Wanderlust”. At a party you are the one making love to a keg. And every year, your New Year’s resolution is to ‘Save more and Travel more’! There, there buddy, we’ve got your back! Whether you want to party throughout the globe or travel to awaken your dying soul or just get away from your crazy ex! We’re it! We’re your one stop destination to all things awesome and tripping.

We’re open to anything, just about anything! Don’t want the hassle of planning a trip, you just wanna tag and trip along? Our party tours take care of that.
You’ve convinced all your friends, have narrowed down your location, don’t know how to go about it? Our bespoke trip planning takes care of that.
You just got fired, are jobless and possibly homeless, just wanna leave the city? Hell, we’ll take care of that too. Need more reasons?

Your meals’ on Tripsee!

The true essence of a place lies in its local delicacies. If food is your calling, the trip only gets better from here. Mealtimes are equally important for us, and that’s why each meal is crafted carefully for you. Awaken your oriental taste buds with traditional Balinese soup and fish satay, or satisfy your insatiable appetite with Kasol’s delectable Shakshuka, falafels and grilled eggplants. Delve into a spread of diverse, local cuisines and spice up your #TripWithTripsee.

Bring your A-Game with Tripsee and become a Star!

Your photographs narrate exceptional stories, your dance evokes happiness, your surfing skills are astounding, you love shooting travel movies, you run a blog, you sing opera or make momos. Any of these and more shall ensure you to get star-points at Tripsee. If you have skills/talents that add to the awesomeness of the journey trip, then we have special privileges/discounts when you #TripWithTripsee.

We have it all sorted.

Often, the journey makes the destination seem worthwhile. We at Tripsee understand this and ensure safe and sound travel with handpicked accommodations to fit every budget. To ensure that you sleep in a warm bed and leave with warm memories- pick from a variety of options amongst hostels, lodges, villas, guesthouses, tree-houses- anything with a roof and sometimes with a roof of stars. Hope you’re planning your trip already because Tripsee has got your bags and bed sorted.

Calling dibs on Team Experts!!

Dramatic views in an idyllic location amongst faces unknown can make people a little weary. With our carefully selected team of Trip-sperts you don’t need wine to open up to people. Our experts can keep secrets safe, some of them are eye-candylicious, they love narrating stories under the starry sky and live to guide people on adventurous trips. #TripWithTripsee and we shall ensure to break the ice even in the Himalayas with the unreserved and spirited caring nature of our Trip-sperts.

More is better

If you’re wondering where’s the party at, it’s where Tripsee is headed to. From experiencing the full moon nights at Koh Samui to camping under the stars in Rajasthan, bring the night down and welcome beautiful sunrises at the most exuberant locations. And to cure the hangover, indulge in some me time by pampering yourself with exotic spas. Explore the local landscape by off-road cycling; get a taste of the local cuisine by taking cooking classes. Add the thrill to your trip by river rafting. Pick from a variety of options to make your trip memorable.