As we beckon the new year and get our lives back on track after the holiday season, we know how hard it is to remain steadfast on our resolutions. Instead of creating a long list of them, why not create a travel wish-list for 2017 you wouldn’t want to miss.

We’ve compiled a list of serene and off beaten places that will give you a reason to take off:


Sun, Sand and Surf- if these three words bring happiness to you, then Bali won’t be anything but mesmerising. The magnificent beauty and the sea temples have made Bali every traveler’s favourite place. But, there’s much more to it. A heritage so rich, the people so warm and a culture so unique, the place is home to one and many. From floating restaurants in the middle of the ocean to stumbling upon art at every corner, Bali is filled with surprises. Turn this dream into reality, hop on a boat and explore Bali with Tripsee.

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You smile,they smile.While you have GNP (Gross National Product), they have Gross National Happiness. The way to Bhutan is happiness and Bhutan’s way to your heart is through their legacy of Buddhism culture. Rich food filled with spices and cheese, and people so loving that goodbyes are difficult if not impossible. A country so tiny but with a heart so large, it has knitted people together and made a Kingdom that you could not bear missing.

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Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or secretly crush on Ranbir Kapoor, you wouldn’t have missed spotting Croatia on screen. From renowned music festivals, to travelling back in time to the 15th century, Croatia has it all. Experience a unique night-out by the Adriatic Sea, with Ciders and Pizza. From sailing through the most popular islands of Croatia to enjoying Martinis, good food and electro beats; join a colourful crowd in the country’s most popular party hotspots in Croatia’s Yacht Weeks. This place is sure to cast its magic on you.

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Unusual, serene, rich and adventurous, Oman is a small place filled with huge surprises. The Sultanate of Oman is interwoven with its breathtaking beauty and history of great legends and stories. Get a taste of the Sultanate grandeur at Al Bustan Palace and pick from a traditional collection of women’s jewellery and clothes in The Bait al Zubair Museum. You can bring back home the aroma of Oman with its irresistible fragrance called Frankincense which was once valued more than gold. A country so rich in its allure and history, you can’t stop yourself from embarking on this journey.

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2017 is a major year for celebrations in Finland. After being fought over by Russia and Sweden for 800 years, Finland gained independence in 1917 and is completing a century in 2017. Easter, May Day and Midsummer (the longest day of the year) are the days Finland is on a celebration galore. You get to witness parade on streets, enjoy traditional food and meet new people. In Finland, also get a chance to tick-off The Northern Lights from your list which is truly a spectacular sight, oft compared to the sight of angels watching over us. Also, for our winter sports lovers, this year the country plays host to World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships. A city so clean with a peaceful aura, it’s sure to leave most city dwellers in awe.

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So, if traveling makes you fall in love, helps you discover
yourself and gives you the best memories, then it’s time to